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  Located on the ground floor of the Laghetto Stilo Hotel, on Barra da Tijuca beach, we offer a special menu for the lounge, open to the public, and another menu to be tasted by the pool. We also have room service for hotel guests.


   Our name already carries the special essence of Brazil. From breakfast to dinner, our menu are made for multiple tastes and palates. Salads, seafoods, meats, pastas and appetizers - in addition to vegetarian options, gluten-free and lactose-free - make up the menus of the house.

Eating, drinking and sharing good stories around the table are pleasures that must be celebrated every day. The Grupo Cozinha Típica, consisting of the Casa da Feijoada, Porto das Carnes and Brasileirinho restaurants, was created by people who believe and appreciate the rich, diverse and tasty Brazilian cuisine.


The Group explores in the restaurants menus the peculiarity of each region of the country, such as "feijoada" and "tutu" that are found in the Southeast, the "moqueca" inspired by the Northeast and the traditional barbecue with strong influence from the South.


Travel around Brazil savoring the best seasoning of Brazilian food.

Our Brazil is unique in taste and sound. Check out our menu and what we prepare for you every Saturday.

Cozinha Típica Group


Starters, salads

and soups

Meat, chicken

and fish

Pastas and risottos

veggies and kids


Appetizer and pizza




- Bread and patés




- Shrimp skewer (4 unidades)

with bacon and cane syrup


















- Beef Carpaccio

With cheese, djon mustard, carpes and toasts





- Chicken soup

rice, chicken, carrots and potato



- Crunch Salad

Leaves, peach palm, cherry tomatoes, rennet cheese and chestnuts


























- Fresh Salad


Cucumber, mango, peach palm and coriander



- Beef

Filet mignon, fried egg, banana rice, beans, chestnut flour, cabbage stalks and fries


- Picanha aby the chef

Grilled rump steak, white rice, Portuguese potatoes, farofa and vinaigrette


- Ribs fillet (Entrecote)

Grilled rib file, rustic potatoes and tomato confit



















- Quick Chicken

Breaded chicken fillet, carrot rice, and braised cabbage


- Chicken

Boneless thigh fillet vegetables in herb butter and basil puree



- Grilled Salmon

Salmon, beak pepper sauce, broccoli rice and mashed cassava


















- Tilapia Fillet


Tilapia Fish fillet with shrimp sauce, farofa caipira (manioc flour, piquinho pepper, eggs, cabbage) and rice.


- Shrimp bobo

Shrimp, manioc, coconut milk, peppers, coriander, white rice, farofa


- Fish stew
With white rice and fish mush, peppers, onions, coconut milk, palm oil, coriander



- Sorrento
With buffalo mozzarella with basil and bolognese sauce


- Lasagna

Bolognese or four cheeses





- Shrimp Risotto




















-Dried Meat Risotto with pumpkin



- Eggplant lasagna
 White sauce, mozzarella, eggplant and parmesan


- Banana Moqueca

Plantains, peppers, red onion, coconut milk, palm oil, coriander and rice






- Fillet escalope (100g) or chicken fillet (100g), rice, beans and fries

- Bolognese spaghetti



- Cheesecake with guava sauce

- Brownie with vanilla ice cream

- Milk pudding

- Ice cream (see available flavors)




- Açaí with banana and granola

- Fruit salad

- Cake of the day

- Ice cream (see available flavors)




- Lula Dorê

- Pepperoni pepperoni

- Italian salami with lemon

- Fillet appetizer with toast

- Shrimp with garlic and oil


- Meat and cheese board


- Beef Carpaccio



- Pepperoni with onion


- Chicken with Catupiry cheese


- Marguerita


- Pepperoni


- Portuguese




- Laghetto burguer

Bread, picanha meat 180g, mussarela cheese, mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato


- Ciabatta Salmon

Cream cheese, arugula and grilled salmon


- Ciabatta Filler

Mignon fillet, mussarela cheese, lettuce and tomato


- Club sandwich

Bread, chicken fillet, mayonnaise, bacon, egg, lettuce and tomato.


- Ham and cheese with Petrópolis toast



Every Saturday from 12h to 17h you find the perfect fusion in flavor and sound here in Brasileirinho.

We serve a complete feijoada buffet for you to delight at will, accompanied by the Prata do Choro group that plays
works by great composers like Pixinguinha, Jacob do Bandolim, Waldir Azevedo, among others.

Book your Brazilian experience on the ground floor of the Laghetto Stilo Hotel, on Barra Beach.

Adress: Avenida Lúcio Costa 5650 - Barra da Tijuca

Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22630-012

Térreo do Hotel Laghetto Stilo Barra

Opening hours:

• Breakfast:

Monday to Friday from 6am to 10am

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays from 6am to 10:30am


• Lunch e Dinner:  MondaygtoaSundaymfrome12pmhtos11pmh

Phone: +55 21 2247-2776


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Cozinha Tipica Group

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